“I have lived at  Lafittes Landing since August 19th of 2008. I have been extremely happy to be  residing here. I am very happy with the management here and feel they are doing a great job. I have nothing but good times here. I had owned my home in St  Bernard that was damaged in Katrina and decided not to own another home at my  age plus I could’nt recover enough funds to buy another home through Road Home.  This was a perfect fit for me. Everyone I know who lives at Lafittes Landing is  happy to be here.”

- Resident since August 2008


Mary Louise Maes

“I  am a low income senior citizen. The apartments come with a washer and dryer, and all of the standard kitchen  appliances. All of the homes have 2 bedrooms and they take care of the yard work. The manager is great! If you need anything done you can call the manager and he gets maintenance to take care of right away. I thank
God I have such a beautiful place to live, and call home.”

-Resident Since 2008


Florence Fenney

“I have been living here for four and half years  now, and have enjoyed it from the first day. I really enjoy the pot luck dinners  at the Community Center, and  really like, and get a long with all of the  residents that live here. I couldn’t be happier with the decision to move here.  It is a wonderful place to live.”

-Resident Since 2008


Richard Cousins

” I have lived here for four years and I have loved every minute of it. It’s a quiet neighborhood and close to town. The rooms are spacious and we have two bedrooms with large closets. All of the appliances are furnished, even a washer and dryer. We have great management and the yard work is done for you! What more can you ask for?”

-Resident since 2008

Barbara Baumgartner