Q?How does the program work?

We are a tax credit property that offers lowered rate rental homes to seniors age 62 or over.

Q?Is there an age requirement?

To qualify the resident would need to be 62 or over.

Q?Would someone with a disability or a veteran qualify?

Yes, if they are older than 62 years of age.

Q?How much are the rental rates?

The current rates that are available are $720.00 per month at Lafittes Landing and $732.00 per month at Country Lane.

Q?Does the program go by your income?

Yes, the program guidlines are income restricted: This means you cant make over a set amount to qualify for a home.

At Lafitte’s Landing and Country Lane the max income limit for one person is $26,040.00; meaning that person could not make over that amount to qualify. The max limit for two people is $29,760.00. These numbers are based off of the median household income for St Tammany Parish.

Note: A lot of people have the misperception that the program goes by a percentage of the individual’s income. As you can see from the example above it goes by the max income limit not by the percentage of the individual’s income.

Q?What size are the homes?

Country Lane homes are a 1200sqft single family home, which offers two bedrooms and one bath.

Lafitte’s Landing homes are 1100sqft doubles (sometimes called duplexes), which offer two bedrooms and one bath.

Q?Are there any utilities provided?

Yes, we take care of water, trash, and the grounds services.

Q?What utilities is the resident responsible for?

Electric (through Cleco), Gas (through Atmos), and which ever telecommunications   you choose.    The gas at Country Lane is for the hot water heater and the heating system. The gas at Lafitte’s Landing is for the heating system only.

Q?Do the homes come with any appliances?

Yes the kitchen has standard kitchen appliances as well as a microwave and trash compactor. The homes also offer a washer and dryer.